September 10, 2019

Dance Classes

Art In Motion Creative Dance Classes are currently offered in age appropriate groups where students will explore their own creativity through movement and dance, in addition to learning foundational dance technique.


What is Creative Dance?

Creative Dance is a dance form that provides space within the class structure for students to explore movement beyond just learning the steps.  In this concept-based approach of play and possibility, students are encouraged to experiment with movement using varied stimuli, make personal artistic choices, and explore self-expression.  Students experiment with interpreting qualitative and energetic structures through their own movement choices, and are provided an atmosphere where individuality, joy and skill development are integral.  Creative Dance develops skills that reach beyond the dance studio such as collaboration, healthy risk taking, creative problem solving, critical thinking, and leadership.


Fall 2020 Classes - We expect to make Fall programing announcements in August.  Please stay tuned!  Thanks for your support.



Art In Motion Philosophy:

Art in Motion fosters creativity through our positive, non-competitive programming that is rooted in dance education and brain-dance research.  Depth of learning is paramount through fun and engaging programs that nurture the creative spirit while building movement skills and confidence. AIM recognizes the innate joy in movement that we were all born with, and strives to create class culture where this is encouraged and celebrated.

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