Language Classes for Adults and Children

The Alexandra Centre Society will be offering in-person and online group language classes this Fall!  We would like your feedback regarding language class times. Please call our office (403-269-5588) or complete the form below so we can gauge interest and schedule the classes accordingly.


Pricing for group classes are as follows:


Adults / Teens:

Online 1 Hour Classes: $18/class (members); $23/class (non-members)

In-Person 1.5 Hour Classes: $25/class (members); $30/class (non-members)



Ages 9-12

Online 1 Hour Classes: $18/class (members); $23/class (non-members)

In-Person 1 hour Classes: $18/class (members); $23/class (non-members)


Ages 6-8

Online 40 Min Classes: $15/class (members); $20/class (non-members)

In-Person 40 Min Classes:  $15/class (members); $20/class (non-members)


A final class schedule will be posted in August. Thank you for your interest in our programs!


Azren the Language Nerd and his instruction team offer language instruction for English, French, Spanish, Mandarin, Gujarati, and German.  His teaching team is passionate about languages. 

Adult classes can accommodate learners at various levels.  Classes geared towards children are taught in an interactive and fun way to keep kids engaged. 

All participants joining online classes will be provided with meeting details from the ACS staff or instructors, prior to the beginning of the class.


The Alexandra Centre Society is excited to offer programs and services!  Our aim is to provide high quality programs at affordable rates and needed services to inner city residents.  Do you have any program or service suggestions for the community  Do you love the classes and wish they were offered at different times  Please let us know to see if we can find a solution!


Not an ACS Member?  Interested in becoming one?  Please e-mail for our Membership application.  Memberships are $5 annually and are valid January 1 to December 31 each year.


Learn more about Azren and his team at: